Shopify Website Design - Bespoke Theme Development

A very successful migration from an antiquated OpenCart website to a fun, lively and engaging Shopify website, with over 2,000 products and 13,000 customers. This was achieved within a 6 week period, including submission to Google Console and enabling Google Analytics. 


Multilingual WordPress Website Design

The website was developed and designed in 3 languages, English, French and German. Fully integrated with email marketing tools and data capture. Using specific Search Engine Optimisation analytics to enable improved SEO on a monthly basis. Traffic has increased from 100+ visitors to 250+ visitors within 12 month and continues to grow. 


Wordpress Website Design

Developed for a global company, with a UK specific website. This was designed and developed working closely with the internal marketing team. The wordpress website is managed and updated on a monthly basis, ensuring it’s secure and making any revisions and changes to the website structure and design.


A Shopify website is one of the simplest and easiest ways for a business to get online. I work with clients to understand their business, their audience and their goals. Developing a website is key to any business, but connecting with the right audience for that business is ever more important.

Customised Shopify Website Design

I developed this website in under 2 weeks for a client that had an archaic e-commerce website that was clunky and difficult to use. I photographed his store room to showcase the fact he is a wine merchant and not just selling a bottle here and there. I wrote all copy, and gave the website basic SEO to make sure the business can start to be seen online.

I worked closely with the client to understand where his main ROI and route to market was and developed a simple, user friendly website that looks good but also speaks to his target audience. 


Customised Shopify Website Design

Using a Shopify theme, this highly customised website design was developed within 1 month. I completed the photography of all products, and copy.

I maintain this website on a monthly basis adding products and altering content, as well as completing photography for new and current product collections. Digital marketing is also managed with a Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram advertising as well as monthly Search Engine Optimisation and social media channels managed with weekly posts and interaction.


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