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It’s the key to creating engaging collateral. Website design, brochure design, logo concepts, exhibition stand designs; it all starts with understanding the client’s audience. Communicate through the best mediums and you’re halfway there.

Q17 are a small agency, actually it’s just me, with a lot of experience in a plethora of design and marketing nuances. Website design, SEO, print design, exhibition stand designs, flyers, brochures, you name it, I’ve designed it.



Every business needs one. It needs to have a simple User Interface and navigation, so visitors can find the information or products they need quickly.

It's about conveying your Unique Selling Points, quickly and succinctly. I start by analysing your current website analytics, competitors and your key markets. I can then develop a website that differentiates you with your competition.


SEO | Search Engine Optimisation is about making precise, small modifications to your website. This could be link building, Alt tags, Meta tags, User Experience, keyword research and countless other techniques that I've developed over the last 15 years.

I've developed consistent visitor growth and engagement of up to 250% for my clients.


Digital advertising should be a key part of any marketing strategy. With Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and LinkedIn advertising growing strength by strength it's important to have at least 1 in your marketing mix. The problem is, lots of businesses don't optimise their campaigns. So it's just wasted budget.

I'm able to work across all these platforms and analyse results regularly for optimum performance.


The real issue with social media is it takes so much time to develop properly. Yes, there are specialist techniques that I use, but it's mainly about actually engaging with the audience. I mean, the odd giveaway here and there definitely helps, but you have to talk to your audience.

Some of my clients have grown over 500% in engagement and I can work to any budget.


I’m a professional product photographer, based in Leicestershire with over 10 years experience. Watch photography is one of the most difficult things to capture in a shoot. You need the right gear, the right knowhow and lots of time.

The post edit is as important as the photoshoot itself. I photograph all types of products, but mainly focus around the more difficult products, glassware, bottles, watches, sunglasses etc.


It’s still very much at the forefront of any marketing strategy. A well designed brochure, sales leave behind, business card and exhibition stand all have their part to play in your brand recognition.

To have the consistency across all your marketing collateral is key in creating a brand identity. When I start a project I work through moodboards to make sure designs work across all collateral.

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